Consultation & Research

SDCA  offers a facilitation / consultation service between service providers and the Deaf community.

At the core of SDCA is an organisation committed to improving the lives of deaf people, with deaf people, as this is the nature of our organisation. We want to find out about orgnaistaions and service providers and work with them to improve access and services for deaf people. We do this work in a number of ways such as giving feedback on leaflets and literature offered by organisations right down to creating documents and services in partnership with them that are fully accessibe to deaf people or even aimed only at deaf people. We offer services and businesses opportunities to consult directly with deaf people.

In addition SDCA has been intrinsically involved in research into the health of deaf people living in Sandwell in partnership with Sandwell Hospital and looks forward to other opportunities to be involved in reasearch and study.

Should you wish to work with SDCA in either of these areas please contact us on :
Textphone/voice: 0121 525 5347